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NB Energy Marketing manages a diversified energy portfolio which consists of 80% non-emitting energy sources, including Nuclear, Hydro and Wind generation solidified by reliable Thermal generation.

Our supply portfolio also includes the rights to reliable firm transmission perfectly centralized in Atlantic Canada that is connected to several regions like Quebec, PEI, Nova Scotia and Maine. This unique position enables NB Energy Marketing to buy, sell, and shape reliable power deliveries to our customers.

What we offer:

NB Energy Marketing purchases and sells a wide range of retail and wholesale electricity products and services, including:

  • standard firm electricity products;
  • qualifying renewable electricity credits;
  • green energy and capacity products;
  • asset management, scheduling services and energy management services;
  • optimization of Day Ahead and Real Time transactions;
  • standard offer service; and
  • personalized solutions for customers.

NB Energy Marketing has a proven track record as a reliable partner of choice for its customers in locations across the East Coast of Canada and the United States.